Step Team Senior Salute - Fatia Brunson

Step Team Senior Salute - Fatia Brunson

Name: Fatia Brunson

Hometown/High School: Bronx, N.Y. / Bronx Leadership Academy

Major: Forensic Psychology and Pre-Law

Plans for next year: Move To Atlanta and Start Law School Eventually

Career goal: Criminal Justice Attorney

Favorite memory with the team: There were a lot of great moments that I had with the Step Team but I would say bay far my favorite memory would have to be The 2019 Showcase! That was my first year every leading showcase and I was beyond nervous but with the help and dedication from my team, it was a hitch. That was also the first time in my three years of being on the step team that we preformed that many steps. I'm just grateful that I was able to be a leader to the team!

Other activities at Keuka College: Multicultural Student Association

What advice would give to freshmen on the team: The advice that I would give to my team would be to keep pushing no matter what adversity they may face. Never give up and just remember that no matter what you're doing you are pushing towards your goal and that everything that you are going through will only make you stronger.

What would you tell someone looking at Keuka College: That Keuka College isn't like the colleges portrayed on TV and movies. It's a very small and intimate college which defiantly has its perks. Your teachers know you on a first name basis and they are also very intuned to helping you succeed. But if you are looking for a College with big lecture halls and thousands upon thousands of student Keuka probably isn't it for you. I would also tell them that High School isn't anything like College so its important to invest in tools that will make you more successful such as a calendar, planner, etc.

What does it mean to be of the #KCFamily: What it means to me to be apart of the #KCFamily is that I will always have a home and a place to go to that I know will always be to support me and help me in times.

From Coach Broadhurst: I have seen Fatia make an incredible transition over her time at Keuka College. She was quiet at first, and over time emerged into a leader that served as the Step Team coach for three years. Fatia was instrumental in getting the team involved at events like Fusion Fest at Millersville University, and increasing numbers and stage time during the annual Dance and Step Showcase. Her legacy will live on with the team and across the Keuka College campus and I know she will achieve great things once she graduates!

A message from Fatia: I would like to give a big shout out to Jamyra Young for always being there to push me because she saw the potential in me to go far beyond the boundaries I placed on myself. I would also like to thank her for being my mentor a friend and sometimes a counselor she was always there for me.

I'd also like to thank Michelle Broadhurst, there were many times that I struggled with things or even been through somethings and not for a minute did I feel any judgment, just compassion and understanding. She also pushed me to do more and go pass any boundaries I placed on myself.

Lastly, I want to thank anyone who's been on the KC Step Team as a member while I was a coach. Whether it was for two years or a semester you guys made my time great and I am forever thankful for you all! you helped me so much over the years!


Our seniors had their Keuka College spring season cut short because of the global pandemic. Over the next several weeks we will take the opportunity to thank and honor each of these seniors who demonstrated such strength, dedication and support to their sport, to Keuka College Athletics and throughout their time at Keuka College. We are so proud to have them as part of our #KCFamily and we can't wait to see what they do next!  #gratitudeforKCSeniors2020