Keuka College eSports Falls to NYIT

Hinh Le led Keuka in the second match against NYIT
Hinh Le led Keuka in the second match against NYIT

The Keuka College eSports team lost last Saturday to the New York Institute of Technology by the score of 2-0 in the Eastern Conference of the University League of Legends Campus Series.

New York Institute of Technology 2 vs. Keuka College 0

The first match against the Cybears was a tough one for the Wolves. Garret Stauffer led the way for the Green and Gold, but as a team, Keuka was only able to amass four kills. NYIT was able to take down nine towers and a pair of dragons on their way to the match one victory.

The second match was not much better for Keuka College as the Wolves played in their shortest match of the season. The team kill total was down to three in the second match. Senior Hinh Le was tops for Keuka in match two, afflicting one third of the total team's damage against NYIT. The Cybears took eight towers in the match two victory, winning the overall match 2-0.

Up Next for Keuka College: The Wolves conclude the six-week Campus Series season on Saturday. In their final match, Keuka College will face Brown University.