Keuka College Dance Team Competes at Cortland Dance Invitational

L-R: Paige Glazer, Sophia Hobbie, Sierra Johnson, Kayla Eyer, Emily Kies, Tiffany Bo, Emma Gras
L-R: Paige Glazer, Sophia Hobbie, Sierra Johnson, Kayla Eyer, Emily Kies, Tiffany Bo, Emma Gras

CORTLAND -- On Sunday, February 23, 2020 the Keuka College Dance Team competed at the Cortland Dance Invitational for the third straight year.  This is a collegiate dance competition with both competitive and club dance teams from regional schools.  This year the Keuka College Dance Teams brought four numbers, three group dances and one duet.  All of the dances were choreographed by student coaches Jessica Karnyski, Paige Glazer and Lauren Burkard. Detailed results for each category are at the end of the article.

First up was Titanium, a contemporary number choreographed by sophomore, Lauren Burkard.  Titanium scored a 78.83 out of 100, and received its highest marks in the routine construction and originality categories.  Out of 7 contemporary numbers Titanium did not place in the top 3. 

Next was Someone You Loved, a duet by junior Paige Glazer and senior Makenzie Peterson.  The duo scored an 80.17 and scored 9's out of 10's in difficulty and control/strength.  Someone You Loved placed 3rd out of 4 duets.

The next group number was Paint It Black, a jazz number choreographed by senior Jessica Karnyski.  Paint It Black posted a score of 78.17, earning a 10 in originality and 9's in spacing and formations. Of the 5 jazz entries Paint It Black did not place in the top 3.

The final group number by the Keuka College Dance Team was Not Afraid Anymore, an open piece choreographed by Paige Glazer.  Not Afraid Anymore scored a 78.33, scoring 9's in the skill technique and difficulty categories.  Of 5 open numbers Not Afraid Anymore did not place in the top 3.

To see the Keuka College Dance Team in action check out the Annual Dance and Step Showcase in JMW Recreation and Athletics Center on Friday, April 24th at 7:00pm. 




1. Praying – Brockport

2. People Help the People – Utica

3. Peer Pressure – Cortland

Titanium – Keuka College

Murder Song – Fredonia

Medicine – Cortland

Train Wreck – Cortland


1. Sir Duke – Fredonia

2. Lost Without You – Fredonia

3. Someone You Loved – Keuka College

This Place is a Shelter – Fredonia


1. Turn It Up – Union

2. Bad Guy – Fredonia

3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Cortland

Paint It Black – Keuka

Sweet Thing – Utica


1. Perm – Cortland

2. Waterfall – Cortland

3. Jungle Bill – Utica

Not Afraid Anymore – Keuka

Tonight Belongs to Us - Cortland