Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. Athletics Hall of Fame

Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. Athletics Hall of Fame

Athletics have always been a key part of the Keuka College experience and over the years, there have been some remarkable performances turned in by individual athletes and teams. The Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 2006 and is designed to recognize those who, through participation, support, or interest have made outstanding contributions to Keuka College athletics.

Members have earned their place in Keuka’s sports history and have helped establish a standard of excellence, bringing recognition, honor, and distinction to Keuka College and its intercollegiate athletics program. The Hall of Fame is located in the JMW Recreation & Athletics Center. 

Eligibility Criteria

A person will be considered eligible for nomination to the Keuka College Athletic Hall of Fame if, at the time of nomination, he/she fulfills one of the following criteria:

  1. Varsity Sport
    The individual participated in a varsity sport at Keuka College for at least two years and earned a baccalaureate or cooperative degree from the College.  
  2. Significant Contributions
    The individual is not required to have attended Keuka College, but has made significant contributions to the College's athletic program. This category may include but is not limited to: coaches, trainers, administrators, faculty, and community supporters.


2019 Inductees
2001 Women's Soccer Team
Laura Hart Puryear '02
Missy Burngasser Joy '03
Kurt Bastian '03
Mary Schleiermacher
2018 Inductees
2004 Men's Lacrosse Team
Aaron Quku '04
Janice Mars Gauriloff '06
Jeanne Vincent Canough '06
Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. 
2017 Inductees
2007 Softball Team
Michelle Alvord '95
Lisa Fuchs Kuras '87
Marianne Wallace Pedersen '07
Adrienne Brauer Weaver '96
Andrea Brauer Dowling '96
2016 Inductees
1978 Women's Basketball Team
1986 Men's Basketball Team
1986 Women's Soccer Team
Cindy Skovrinski '79
Tracy Merkley '91
Hilary Hughes '90
Matt Donahoe '89
Chelsea Socha '11
2015 Inductees
D'Onnarae "Dee" Johnson '89
Dave Pietraszek '04
2014 Inductees
Nicole Bondellio '08
Lucas Hopkins '04
2013 Inductee
Nancy Wightman
2012 Inductees
Jim Crowley '93
Jessica Trainer Carey '02
2011 Inductees
Lyle P. Corey
2009 Inductees
Loreto Barbone '04
Joanne Lusink LeRoy '67
Susanne Lusink Yarnall '67
2008 Inductees
Antoine Hyman '97
Dawn Myers Thurmond '01
Madge Phillips '47
2007 Inductees
Julie Deboover Peacock '88
Vanessa Morgan '91
Harold Gray
2006 Inductees
Hollis Liddiard '37
Madeline Ross '78
Christine AmEnde '83
Shawn Reed '89
Hans Stelmach '94